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Refer a customer and get paid!

When you refer someone to Bay Florida Roofing, we want to thank you for your trust and support of our business.  

When we install a new or replacement roof for that referral, you will earn up to $500!

I Have A Referral!

Thanks for submitting!

Here is how it works - 

* Fill out the referral form on this page with your name and contact information as well as the name and address of the property owner you are referring to us. 

* We will contact your referral and let them know that you referred us.

* When we install a new or replacement roof for your referral, we will provide you with a Reward Certificate.

* Referral amounts are based on the price of the roof being installed.  

* Referral payouts are made within 14 days of receipt of final payment of the roof from the referral.

Your Referral Reward

Your referral reward certificate can be redeemed for: 

* Prepaid Visa or Mastercard

* Gift Cards (over 400 to choose)

* Products from the product catalog

You can redeem for a combination of those choices.  

If you choose a product from the product catalog, the amount you get to spend DOUBLES!

You can combine up to 10 certificates to redeem as well.  

You have 6 months to redeem your certificate.

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